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Gas Lift

Gas lift is a type of artificial lift system that typically utilizes a high pressure gas source. Gas is injected down the annulus, through a gas lift valve into the tubing and produced up the tubing with the produced fluid. The injection gas aerates the fluid, decreasing the density of the fluid allowing it to flow to the surface. Gas lift is the most natural form of artificial lift.

The primary purpose of a gas lift system is to reduce the pressure in the wellbore. Drawdown of this pressure allows the formation to feed into the wellbore which creates production for the well. There are two types of gas lift equipment: Conventional and Wireline Retrievable. The following pages will detail these systems and the equipment needed for each. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-317-7467 or contact your local sales representative..

Produce wells that will not
flow naturally

Maintain and increase
production rates in flowing

Help unload wells that will
later flow naturally

Back flow saltwater
disposal wells