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Gas Lift Services

Gas lift is a type of artificial lift system that typically utilizes a high pressure gas source. Gas is injected down the annulus, through a gas lift valve into the tubing and produced up the tubing with the produced fluid. The injection gas aerates the fluid, decreasing the density of the fluid allowing it to flow to the surface. Gas lift is the most natural form of artificial lift.

The primary purpose of a gas lift system is to reduce the pressure in the wellbore. Drawdown of this pressure allows the formation to feed into the wellbore which creates production for the well. There are two types of gas lift equipment: Conventional and Wireline Retrievable. The following pages will detail these systems and the equipment needed for each. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-281-258-4200 or contact your local sales representative.


Plunger Lift Services

Plunger lift is a method of artificial lift that uses the well’s own energy to lift fluid from a set depth in the tubing string. It is used to prevent liquid loading once the well drops below critical rate. Plungers act as an interface between fluid and gas. The wells energy is the driving force that brings the plunger to the surface. Plunger lift focuses on reducing the flowing bottom hole pressure to allow inflow from the reservoir. The open cycle is triggered by opening a valve at the surface by blowing off the head gas stored in the tubing. This creates a differential across the plunger allowing the plunger to rise against the path of least resistance and come to the surface. The plunger then goes into sales, or after-flow, time where gas is sold and fluid flows back into the tubing. After adequate sales time, the plunger then goes into the shut, or fall cycle. The shut time allows the plunger to travel back to the bottom hole bumper spring to wait until the open cycle begins again. This operation is repeated multiple times per day and is monitored for any necessary adjustments.


Packer Completion Tools

Here at Priority, we pride ourselves on offering a complete line of production, completion,testing, and service tool equipment suited to our customers’ desires and specific industry applications. Our extensive line of quality equipment at competitive prices, coupled with over one hundred years of knowledge and experience from a well-trained and qualified group of service technicians, sales support, technical staff, and safety coordinators combines to create a comprehensive package that is unmatched by anyone in today’s industry!



Your production is our priority. To ensure you are getting the most out of your Priority artificial lift system, we are pleased to offer an array of training options to meet your needs. Our artificial lift product specialists are experts in artificial lift applications and are eager to work with you to provide an overview of each system. We offer two-day training seminars on a regular basis in our artificial lift classroom at our manufacturing facility in Houston as well as lunch and learn sessions. Please contact your Priority representative if you are interested in attending a session.