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1.0″ Wireline Retrievable IPOR-1(Injection Pressure Operated) Valve

Wireline Retrievable gas lift valves may offer some advantages over Tubing Retrievable valves, although the premise behind them remains the same. Priority’s retrievable valves are machined and built to the highest quality in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. They come in 1” OD and have the same applications as Tubing Retrievable valves. Wireline Retrievable valves are designed to be installed in a side pocket mandrel that allows a kick-over tool to place and retrieve the valves without pulling pipe. These valves do not require a workover rig; therefore, saving time and money on wells that are difficult or expensive to pull pipe.

  • Material Options: Stainless steel; Monel, and Inconel
  • Three-ply monel bellows
  • Mechanical stop to prevent bellows overstroke
  • Viscous fluid bellows protection
  • Tungsten carbide ball (standard)
  • Replaceable floating monel seat – tungsten carbide option available
  • Integral check valve
  • Silver-brazed bellows connections
  • Adapts to a BK-2 or BEK-2 Latch