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1.0″ RD-1 Wireline Retrievable Dummy Valve

The RD-1 Dummy valves serve as placeholders for retrievable valves until gas lift is needed. They are installed into side pocket mandrels and run into the well (similar to tubing retrievable valves). Once the well needs the assistance of gas lift, the dummy valves are retrieved and replaced with operational valves using wireline. This process prevents the need to work over the entire well once gas lift is needed. Dummy valves use a BK-2 Latch to lock into place via latch lug machined in the tool guard at the upper end of the pocket in a side pocket mandrel.

  • Material Options: Stainless steel, Monel, and Inconel
  • A variety of packing stacks can fit the RD-1 Dummy valve to meet your well's reqirements