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Vortex Free Cycle

The Vortex Freecycle plungers are used in wells with higher rates than conventional plungers can handle, help slow the decline of the well and to prevent parrafin and/or scale buildup in the tubing.
Bypass plungers will typically fall between 800- 1,000 FPM depending on fluid rate.  The shift clutch is the mechanism that locks in place to keep the dart from shutting prematurely.

Priority’s Vortex FreeCycle plunger is available in the 2, 3 and 4 slot configurations. and available in the 2.375 and 2.875 sizes

  • Designed with Vortex milled grooves to generate even ware as the plunger is forced to spin as it travels down hole
  • Designed to fall through flow
  • should be considered before “Mist/Slug” Flow is experienced
  • Allows the well to flow at lower FBHP compared to conventional systems
  • Designed to lift less water more often
  • Minimal off time required
  • Great candidate for GAPL (gas assisted plunger lift) applications
  • Performs well with packers