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1.0″ Tubing Retrievable IPOC-1 (Injection Pressure Operated) Valve

All of our valves are assembled in house with the highest quality standards. We design and build all of our valves to maintain performance and withstand any well condition. After the design is complete, the valves are placed in a temperature controlled setting and set to the proper pressure for each depth. As gas is injected into the casing and through the valves, the uid level drops and casing pressure decreases. As the pressure in the casing decreases, the valves begin to close one at a time as the system works deeper into the well until operating at the deepest possible valve based on well conditions.

  • Material Options: Stainless steel and Monel
  • Tungsten carbide ball (standard)
  • Replaceable monel seat – tungsten carbide option available
  • 1.0” OD
  • Viscous liquid bellows protection
  • 3 ply Monel Bellows
  • Mechanical stop to prevent bellows overstroke
  • Silver brazed bellows connection