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Single T-Pad Plunger

Priority pad plungers have spring loaded pads that expand allowing the OD of the plunger to create a positive seal with the ID of the tubing wall.  Pad plungers are very durable and are the most commonly used plunger.  Priority pad plungers are cast with a special wear indicator that allows for convenient visual inspection making it easy to see if the plunger pad needs replacement.

  • Material Options: Low Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Available Sizes: 2.375 and 2.875
  • Padded plungers are the most common conventional plunger
  • Very high efficiency due to the friction seal
  • Good candidate for tubing anomalies due to collapsable pads
  • Prevent solids from adhering to the tubing wall
  • Available in single or dual pad setups, specified to the depth of the well
  • Equipped with wear indicators, allow visual plunger inspections
  • Fall Speed: 250 – 350 fpm