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Solid Body Sidepocket Mandrel

The Priority Solid Body Sidepocket Mandrel is a round body design and is configured to provide a full opening tubing drift and feature and orienting sleeve and tool guard above the pocket.   The orienting sleeve allows you the option to use a Kick Over Tool to insert or retrieve gas lift valves. The tool guard section of the solid body mandrel is designed to protect the valves latch from wireline tools being run down hole. Solid Body mandrels are designed for high pressure applications and typically used in deepwater completions.

  • Solid Body mandrels can accommodate 1.0″ and 1.5″ gas lift valves
  • Material Options: 4130 LHT (18-22 hrc); 4130 HHT (26 – 36 hrc); 13 Chrome, Super 13 Chrome (95 & 110 ksi); 9 Chrome; 925 Inconel; 718 Inconel; and Super Duplex
  • The solid body design can accomidate slotted lines or control line guards to protect flatpacks and or control lines
  • The solid body design can be configured for chemical injection applications
  • Solid body designs are available in the 2.375 – 7.00 connection mandrels