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Side Pocket Mandrels

Priority offers a wide variety of Sidepocket mandrels that are designed and manufactured in Houston Texas. Priority offers Oval, Round, Slim Hole, High Pressure, Solid Body, Line Tubing Injection, Waterflood, and Chemical Injection versions of mandrels from 2.375  through 7.00 inch connections.  All mandrels can be configured for both 1.0″ and 1.5″ wireline retrievable valves.

With mandrels installed in the tubing string, wireline retrievable valves can be installed and retrieved from the surface via wireline. If gas lift is not needed at the time of installation, dummy valves can be installed when running the tubing. Once gas lift becomes necessary, the dummy valves can be pulled and replaced with live valves.  The smooth finish of the polished bore in the valve pocket facilitates consistent sealing in all conditions.  These mandrels are primarily used to house gas lift valves, but can also be used to house chemical injection valves and circulation valves.