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RK Latch

The RA Latch is used with Priority’s 1.5″ wireline retrievable valves and are designed to secure or retrieve wireline retrievable valves into the appropriate 1.5″ side pocket mandrel. Latches help make it possible to run valves into the tubing without having to put a rig on site. The latch running post and bodies are all drilled and pinned and have latch rings which are lower in strength than the latch lug on a sidepocket mandrel to prevent ware of the sidepocket mandrels latch lug integrity.

  • Material Options: Stainless steel, Monel, and Inconel
  • Oversized latch lugs available upon request for old or worn sidepocket mandrels
  • Running Tool Required: RK-1
  • Pulling Toll Required: JDS 1-5/8
  • Oring Seals to prevent debris from entering the seal bore of the pocket