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Flanged Lubricator

The lubricator is the main component of any plunger system.  The Lubricator accepts the plunger as it travels to surface.  The wells production is diverted through the two flow ports to the flow line.  A shock absorbing spring is is housed in the top of the lubricator to help absorb the impact of the plunger as it surfaces.

All Priority lubricators include the patented convertible catch system.  The Priority catch mechanism was designed to give the operator the flexibility of using either the manual catch system or tying in supply gas to operate the catches auto catch feature.

Priority’s flanged lubricators are welded in our API/ASME code compliant fabrication shop and each lubricator is hydrostaticaly tested.

  • Available in 2.375, 2.875, and 3.5 sizes
  • Flange options: 5K base x 5K Outlets or 10K Base x 5K Outlet
  • Specially designed Bowen cap
  • Integrated patent pending manual/auto plunger catcher
  • 1-piece shift rod (eliminates rod spring)
  • Dual, screened outlets
  • Sensor port in-line with lower outlet
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