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Waterflood Injection

Water is pumped into the tubing. The water travels down the tubing and is regulated into each zone being flooded. With waterflood regulators, multiple zones can be flooded within a single wellbore. Waterflood is used to maintain or increase reservoir pressure In zones that oil production has or is expected to decline.

Gas Lift Chamber Lift System

Intermittently, high volumes of gas are injected into the annulus of the well. The injected gas travels down the annulus, regulated through a gas lift valve and displaces the fluid in an accumulation chamber and the tubing. The accumulation chamber allows for the capture of more fluid than tubing alone and increase the volume of liquid produced each cycle. This application is best for wells with low BHP and high PI.

Gas Assisted Plunger Lift System

Gas assisted plunger lift systems works much like an intermittent gas lift system, however, a conventional plunger is added to the system.

When using an intermittent gas lift system, typically less than desirable results are achieved do to the fluid fallback and the total fluid recovered per cycle. Fluid fallback in the tubing per cycle can be as much as 10% of the initial fluid slug per 1000’ of lift.

In a Gas Assisted Plunger Lift system we add a conventional plunger and fluid fallback can be significantly reduced by more of the fluid slug being delivered to surface by the plunger.

Gas Assisted Plunger Lift systems also help moderate paraffin and or scale buildup on the tubing wall by having the ability to drop the plunger periodically for cleanup runs.

Conventional Gas Lift

Gas is injected continuously into the annulus. The gas travels down the annulus, regulated through a gas lift valve and into the fluid column inside the tubing in the well. The injected gas reduces the density of the fluid to a point where the reservoir pressure can push it to the production facility. This application is suited for most any well requiring artificial lift where a supply of pressurized gas is available.

Chemical Injection System

Treatment chemicals are pumped down hole into the produced fluids of a well to control harmful deposits. A chemical injection line may be run from the chemical injection mandrel to the surface to act as a conduit for the treatment fluids. A high-pressure pump installed at the surface is used to pump the treatment fluid down hole. This application is best for preventing corrosive degradation. Chemical Injection can be used with both Sidepocket mandrels and Tubing retrievable mandrels.