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About Engineering

Priority’s Engineering Department consists of a group of highly energetic, degreed professionals from ABET-accredited universities.  The group has numerous years of experience in the artificial lift industry and they possess the skills and equipment necessary to perform verification analyses on equipment designed to API specifications.  A robust Product Data Management (PDM) system is in place to ensure efficient sustaining operations to existing equipment while also allowing the capability to introduce new product seamlessly, all while meeting or exceeding API requirements for design and development of product lines
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Gas Lift Design Pro

GLDP – Our in-house Gas Lift Design program used for well design, optimization and troubleshooting. Can be used in Vertical and Horizontal well designs. Utilized for a variety of flow applications, such as IPO/PPO designs, Continuous/Intermittent Lift, and Tubing or Annular flow.

Solidworks CAD

  • Our 3D CAD software helps designers quickly become proficient 3D modelers and increases the speed to create and deliver designs
  • Simulation technology speeds up prototyping and verifies your design
  • You can leverage 3D design data to quickly communicate complex technical details with animations and visual instructions


Solidworks FEA

Priority uses the displacement formulation of the finite element method (FEA) to calculate component displacements, strains, and stresses under internal and external loads. The geometry under analysis is discretized using tetrahedral (3D), triangular (2D), and beam elements, and solved by either a direct sparse or iterative solver. SOLIDWORKS Simulation also offers the 2D simplification assumption for plane stress, plane strain, extruded, or axisymmetric options. SOLIDWORKS Simulation can use either an h or p adaptive element type, providing a great advantage to designers and engineers as the adaptive method ensures that the solution has converged.

Solidworks Flow Simulation

Priority uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to enable quick, efficient simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer. You can easily calculate fluid forces and understand the impact of a liquid or gas on product performance. Tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, CFD analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation takes the complexity out of flow analysis and is a regular part of our design process, reducing the need for costly prototypes, eliminating rework and delays, and saving time and development costs.

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Well review / evaluation / optimization

Priority is about Production. We support our customers by:

  • Utilizing our experienced service men for Installation and Troubleshooting (data gathering).
  • Applying Computer generated Nodal and GL Design programs for reliable and accurate modeling.
  • Full service commitment that includes experienced personnel in the Field or Office to support all Production Operations.

Priority Artificial Lift utilizes Well Evaluation Model (WEM) software by P.E. Moseley & Associates to assist our customers with Nodal analysis. Nodal analysis is a very useful tool when evaluating current production as well as estimating future production based on changes in bottom hole pressure, gas to liquid ratio, wellhead pressure, etc. for both natural flow and artificial lift wells. Prior to implementing artificial lift, it is very important to understand how the artificial lift system is going to impact production so that the equipment can be designed properly to ensure maximum production. In addition, performing a Nodal analysis will aid in identifying system constraints (flow restrictions).

Prior to completing a gas lift design for a natural flow well, Priority recommends running a Nodal analysis to help in determining future production rates, optimal injection pressure, optimal injection rate, tubing size, packer depth and well head pressure. Priority offers all well modelling to our customers at no additional charge.